Playstation Seasons

“Ramp Industries created Playstation Seasons at Manchester International Festival to filter the client’s brand values into the broader Manchester landscape over the course of the inaugural 2007 festival.

Playstation was one of the main platform sponsors of the festival and creating a lively and engaging online presence was integral to our strategy and to delivering true return on investment for the client.

Sean created the daily content for the Playstation Seasons micro-site, which provided both detail on individual events and a wider context to our coverage of the festival as a whole. He added real value to the project with insightful, well-written reviews and interviews as well as some great vox pops with ordinary festival goers.

Sean is a good all-rounder with impeccable journalistic credentials and a great work ethic. He delivered exactly what he said he’d deliver, on time and on budget and played a big role in helping Ramp Industries deliver a successful campaign on behalf of Playstation.”

Andy Crysell, Managing Director of Crowd DNA, former MD of Ramp Industry

North West Tonight

“Sean proved invaluable to the BBC TV North West Tonight sports desk in the time he was with us. Diligent, efficient, creative and enthusiastic, he quickly adapted to the stresses and strains of the BBC’s largest sports region.

Sean was also dispatched to interview former Everton player Graeme Sharpe in Warrington and the footage was subsequently aired on that night’s evening bulletin.

I wouldn’t hesitate to invite him back.”

Tony Livesey, Sports Presenter, North West Tonight

* * *

jayne_barrett_66_66x49“Sean helped to research and shoot three packages for me while he was at North West Tonight.

He carried out an interview with Jim Carr, Chief Executive of Preston City Council, for an item on objections to the city’s redevelopment plans. His interview was incredibly thorough. Not only did he make sure all the main points were covered, he ensured that the interviewee spoke suffiently succinctly for my needs.

He also researched an internet scam for a feature I was working on. I had the victims but no background on the nature of the scam. Sean trawled the internet to not only find an expert who could comment on the scam, but also other similar scams involving the same culprit.

He also stepped in at the last minute to carry out an interview I could not make and thought I’d have to cancel. He was not at all phased by the very short time scale involved, scooted out there and did a great job getting absolutely everything I needed.

For someone who hadn’t worked in TV before, he did fantastically well making sure that he’d visually thought through what I’d need, briefing the cameraman to gather all the pictures and sequences I could possibly hope for.

Top bloke.”

Jayne Barrett, Consumer Affairs Correspondent, North West Tonight

* * *

richard_askam_66_66x491“Sean came up with lots of ideas and followed through several, which helped our sports coverage. The tasks he took on have been very varied.

He hunted down footage for us for a feature on Glossop North End. Sean had to contact and negotiate with other broadcasters such as Channel M and Setanta.

In planning for the Chelsea v Liverpool Champions League match Sean came up with the idea of looking at previous ‘ mission impossible ‘ comebacks by Liverpool. This was an excellent plan and gave the feature we ran some added weight.

For another Champions League match involving a player called ‘ Hulk ‘ we asked Sean to find a cartoon outlet with a cardboard cut-out of the character and comics. This wasn’t possible so Sean found something better. He sourced a cartoonist to pen a number of bespoke animations for our report.

Overall Sean was a great help to the sports team and a pleasure to work with. “

Richard Askam, Sports Reporter, North West Tonight

* * *

“Sean was a cut above your average student on placement on account of his maturity and understanding of basic journalism. He was also good company. That was most welcome on a rainy Monday night in Oldham when we tried to do a story about the weekend booze culture there.

“We also raised eyebrows together when a bishop prayed in a shop window in Manchester to promote spiritual reflection in Lent. Shamelessly, I stole Sean’s line, “How much is that bishop in the window”, for my script.

“Our final collaboration was an exclusive revealing how easy it was to bypass the Government’s new clampdown on illegal immigrants posing as students. The story made it onto Five Live the following morning.

“Nothing bogus about Sean, though.”

Stuart Flinders, News Reporter, North West Tonight

* * *

“Sean was a real asset to the newsroom. As he already had journalistic experience we were able to throw a lot of things his way.

As well as setting up interviews for correspondents he also went out with crews by himself and was the main interviewer for the BBC at a number of events. Lots of his interviews ended up on television, radio and online.

Sean was a real self starter. He used his initaitive when asked to find guests on a particular topic. He worked on big stories such as the terror raids – finding experts including the top security man who happened to be in Scotland. He then liased with the camera desk and persuaded BBC Dundee to send out a reporter providing him with the questions he wanted asking. It was yet another part of our terror coverage which made us stand out from the opposition.

Sean was very willing and extremely competent. He had plenty of ideas and wasn’t intimidated about voicing his suggestions.

He originated his own story about a man trying to catch a rapist who had attacked his partner. Unusually he was appealing for help in tacking him down on the site Facebook. Sean went to great efforts to track him down but after much research and an off the record chat with police – the story wasn’t all it seemed.

This does not diminish from the original story idea. Infact it shows a good journalist who having spent so long chasing a story didn’t try to push it through as it wasn’t 100 per cent true.

He also originated a story about young men at football matches being offered mental health counselling because of the high risk of suicide. We made a feature out of this at Accrington Stanley’s next game.

By the end of Sean’s stay with us I felt he had a much better grasp about what it takes to make a piece of television. I hope his time with BBC North West Tonight showed him what sort of things we would be looking for from a freelancer.”

Helen Wakefield, Assistant News Editor, North West Tonight

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