Posted by: seanxsmith | April 30, 2009

OVER the course of my career, I’ve interviewed Morrissey in his hotel suite in Thessaloniki and Bjork in a transit van in Sheffield. I talked to Fatboy Slim in the bath in Brighton and Brian Glover in a graveyard in Leeds. Along the way, I’ve also chewed the fat with everyone from Bill Hicks, Boy George and Amy Winehouse to Christopher Eccleston, Sporty Spice and Mick Jagger. I ask well-researched, engaging questions and get interesting answers.

I’m as comfortable covering the celebrations for Bob Marley’s birthday in Jamaica as I am looking at the battle between the councils of Preston and Blackburn over the proposed £700million Tithebarn shopping centre, as happy talking to 15-year-olds about the evolution of street language as I am talking to ornitholgists about the perils of wind farms.

Here are a few highlights ..


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